Sabtu, 16 Julai 2011

Into The New World~~

mmmmm...sknrg aq dah ad kat CFS IIUM..taw ark 2 ap..??Centre for foundation studies International Islamic Universty Mlaysia...mmmm,,mula2 nyer aq rse teruja mas0k kat cny...xpi...mngkin ad certain thngs yg membuatkan aq rse sedih...n this i'll tell it later...but then aq rase ok n more cnfrtable at is 'couse i've new frenz here n they are so frenly wth me...kat CFS ny aq kner 2 taon...n insyaallah aq nak amek syariah LAWs skli...mmg lamer..7 years beb..xpi..never mind..yg pnting aq x akn jobless nnty..insyaallahh~~..skng aq sek blaja language lagi..there are English n Arabic...hahaha..yurp!no more Malay yo!!..cnversation with people pon in english...COMPULSARY!!...but it ok...klw x,,smpai ble kter nk ddok kat takok lamer..we have 2 inprove ur self n lifestyle right??!huhu..
this is my tinggal kat cny apartmnt aw..setiap rmah ad  4 bilik  2 toilet..1 ruang tamu..berandar..n 1 bilik tmpat dry our clothes..
           OK..back to ur topic tht why i am really upset bfore this,,ok actually my best friend,,,(i dont want to tell HER name...)..we all pr0mise nak mek course yg samer tht is LAWS in ths campus/...but then she said 2 me tht she want to chnge the pr0grmme tht we are already got it..n aq x leh nak kate paper lah...bc0use i knw ths mybe her best choice..n i knw she wnt to be a techr soon..but cmer tersentap lahh cker...bkn ap..actually my schoolmate yg dpt UIA ny juz only 5 students,..n the person who are in PJ is only she n me..bcause the others are will in nilai cmpus 4 ARTS prgrmmes..n when she told me tht she gonna 2 left the course...sday lah aq...dyer tros cnvert g ker HS.(human science)...mmm..nak wat cm ner kan..bia jerk la....BUT the most imprtnt thng is aq bsyuko sgt dapt ms0k UUIM!!huhuh~


iNilaH sye..

iNilaH sye..